• HIGET service Centre is an ITES company with techno field orientation is headquartered in Hyderabad India , famous over the world for the technical know how & vast population of qualified workforce.
  • The company is managed by a team with a combined exposures of 10 plus years to all the aspects of functioning of ITES & technical unites.
  • HIGET service Centre is an ITES company which fully understands and very comprehensively addresses the outsourcing needs of business in areas like call centre, Data service, Software services, Creative services, Technical services & Health care services.
  • HIGET is one stop solution ensuring top-notch services to the outsourcing offshore company.
  • We have partnered globally to ensure 24/7 support even multilingual if required with companied who also serves fortune 500 organizations.

  • Complete furnish call center office
  • internet & mail Server
  • Biometric control
  • firewall enabled
  • Completely Backup with UPS
  • Logging of internet Access at all User Level
  • Office furnish with all Desktop access which full required for the Customer
  • centralization server storage
  • Business continuity Process in Place with Multiple Location
Live Answering Services Call Center Services
  • 24 Hour Answering Services
  • After Hours Answering Service
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Emergency Answering Service
  • Overflow Answering Service
  • Auto Answering Service
  • Inbound Call Center services
  • Software Services
  • Data Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Change Management Service
  • Healthcare Services
Technology (Meet the expert)
  • Full preview and study of reliable & efficient energy requirement.
  • Apply zero tolerance and zero accident system.
  • Shift to fully integrated, automated and safe system.
  • Client Information via CRM Interface.
  • Delegate expert at site to submit reports & solutions.
  • Revamp and upgrade your existing setups to Match with modern & international standards.
  • Storage and Backups of Data for regular follow up.

Telecommunication & Security Division (HICOM)

Alhaj Global Engineering & Trading Ltd Co.
- Government of INDIA.(Hyderabad)

  • #5-9-88/3,3rd floor opp.khan latef khan Estate
  • Office: +91-40-65558020.
  • Fax: +91-40-23238020.
  • E-mail: higet@alhajepc.com.
  • Website: www.alhajepc.com.